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Boiler Breakdowns: What To Do?

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A boiler breakdown is never a pleasant experience especially when it happens during the winter months. When your boiler breaks down the first thing you need to do is contact a Gas Safe Registered engineer to come and do the necessary repairs. However, there are a few issues you may have with a boiler that you can simply repair yourself. Below is a list of common boiler faults that you may be able to identify and fix yourself.

Boiler Issues

Low Pressure

You can tell the pressure in your boiler is too low by:

  • Boiler switching itself off
  • Radiators furthest away from the boiler don’t heat up
  • Central heating makes banging sounds

To fix low pressure on a boiler all you need to do is adjust the pressure gauge so that it read between 1 and 1.5.  With this said if this problem persists then it is worth calling out a Gas Safe engineer to take a look and carry our relevant repairs, as there could be a more serious problem causing the pressure to drop.

Boiler or Thermostat Problems

Signs of this include:

  • Error codes on the thermostat
  • Boiler wont fire up
  • Boiler behaves erratically or does not come on when it should

There are a number of things that can cause this, from a power cut to a slight knock could have changed the settings. Its always worth checking the settings before calling out a plumber, if your unsure3 how to do this then you can check the manual. It is also worth checking the temperature is set to 21°C or more as the temperature being below this can cause a boiler not to fire up. If you have checked all the settings and they are as they should be then you will need to call out a Gas Safe Registered engineer to come and diagnose and repair the problem.

Piolet Light Gone Out

Signs of piolet light going out include:

  • Can’t see the piolet light on your boiler
  • Boiler wont fire up

Many things can cause your piolet light to go out, they are often easy to re-ignite just follow the steps in your boiler manual. It is however important that if you smell gas, notice a change in the colour of the flame or see sooty marks around the boiler then you should immediately turn the boiler off and contact the emergency gas line on – 0800 111 999. They will advise you on the next steps and if you require a Gas Safe engineer to come and carry out repairs.


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