ProTecBoilers provide a range of boiler maintenance, repair and installation services in Wakefield and surrounding areas.

Gas Boiler Installation
Boiler Maintenance – Boiler Repairs

ProTecBoilers provides a range of professional heating services throughout Wakefield, Lofthouse, Leeds, Pontefract, Normanton, Castleford  and the surrounding areas. We provide boiler installation services, boiler servicing and boiler repair services. We pride ourselves on providing the best advice and ensuring any system is cost effective and the right one for you and your home. ProTecBoilers are fully insured, accredited and City & Guilds Qualified and all our work is fully guaranteed giving you peace of mind and leaving you safe in the knowledge that we are there for you when you need us.

Boiler Repairs

Your boiler is an essential part of your home as it provides the heating and hot water you need for home lift to be comfortable. However, boiler often don’t get the respect they deserve and go ignored until something goes wrong, and it stops working. This is when you need to find at reliable Gas Safe engineer to come and carry out the necessary boiler repairs to get everything back in working order.

Whatever repair your boiler requires it is important that you have a professional do this for you particularly in gas related matters. Any problem involving Gas demands a total understanding of regulations and how boilers work. So many people experience costly boiler repairs that are considerably more expensive because unnecessary parts are fitted. ProTecBoilers install, repair and maintain boilers for all of our customers throughout Wakefield and the surrounding areas. We offer repair services for all boiler makes, models and manufacturers. If you need a boiler repair in Wakefield or the surrounding areas, then contact our team at ProTecBoilers today 01924 731 838


Boiler Servicing

Many people underestimate how important an annual boiler service is, however getting your boiler serviced at least once a year can help keep the cost of your energy bills down as well as help to avoid any boiler breakdowns! Our gas boiler service will ensure that your boiler is working at peak efficiency all year round and our checks will be able to identify any problems that your boiler may be at risk of before they become more serious. Our Wakefield based gas Safe boiler engineers carry out comprehensive gas safety and efficiency checks when conducting an annual service on your boiler. We will provide a gas safety certificate after a boiler has been serviced for homeowners and landlords alike.

Our gas boiler service checks for:

  • Safety and compliance with Gas regulations
  • Broken or corroded pipes that may be affecting your boiler’s efficiency
  • Issues with your gas boiler controls and timers
  • Any unsafe situations affecting your boiler including carbon monoxide fumes that may be leaking into your property
  • Any sludge, contaminants, or other blockages in your central heating system
  • Any risks of boiler breakdown that could occur in the near future
  • Advice as to any boiler repair tasks that may to be done
  • We send an annual reminder so that you don’t forget your next boiler service!


If anything crops up in your boiler service that is of concern, or your boiler is at risk of breaking down completely then we will advise you on the best course of action. We understand that new boilers are expensive so whenever a boiler can be repaired, we will do so.

Here at ProTecBoilers we offer a wide range of boiler services, here are some of the services we offer:


✓ Boiler installations
✓ Full Central Heating Systems
✓ Gas Cooker Installation
✓ No Obligation Estimates
✓ Fully Insured
✓ Finance Available


✓ Boiler Service
✓ Gas Fire Service
✓ Gas Cooker Service
✓ Landlord’s Certificates
✓ Gas Safety Checks
✓ Safety Advice


✓ Boiler Repair
✓ Gas Fire Repair
✓ Cooker Repair
✓ Leaking Pipes
✓ Plus Much More
✓ Call for Information

Gas Boiler Installations

Here at ProTecBoilers we are experts when it comes to new boiler installations in Wakefield, Leeds, Lofthouse and surrounding areas. Our specialists can help you work out which boiler is best for your home and fully organise the installation. If you are interested in having a new boiler installed in your property in Wakefield, Leeds, Lofthouse or any of the surrounding areas please contact us on 01924 731838.

Having a new gas boiler installed can be a significant investment for your household. Ensuring you choose the correct boiler for your home and making sure you use a reputable company can be a daunting experience for anyone. We offer a boiler installation service in Wakefield and surrounding areas that you can trust and rely on. We always put our customers first when it comes to installing new boilers and we ensure we help you choose an option that perfectly suits your home and budget.

Our team of fully qualified, and insured engineers can install almost any boiler from a range of manufacturers including Baxi, Worcester and Ideal. We will always advise you on having a good quality, economical gas boiler installed in your property, with a good warranty and a reputation for reliability, at the same time as saving you money on your energy bills.
We are fully qualified, gas safe engineers and have years of experience installing quality boilers in residential properties throughout Wakefield, Leeds, Lofthouse and the surrounding areas.

ProTecBoilers – FAQ’s

  • Is a leaking boiler an emergency?

    All leaks should be considered an emergency, though some will be classed as more severe than others any leak on a boiler will need to be dealt with immediately.

  • What is boiler cover? And do I need it?

    Boiler cover gives you the peace of mind that should anything ever go wrong with your boiler we are there to come and get the issue resolved. Boiler cover is not something you have to have but it can come in handy should your boiler break down as you will have a designated engineer to come and repair it and there will be no extra costs which means no unexpected bills! ProTecBoliers provide affordable boiler cover to customers in and around Leeds and Wakefield.

  • Can a boiler lose pressure without a leak?

    Almost all of the time when a boiler loses pressure it is down to a leak. Even if there are no visible signs of a leak there will be one somewhere. A gas safe engineer will be able to locate and repair the leak.

  • What causes boilers to stop working?

    There are many reasons why a boiler will stop working. A few common reasons include, low or high boiler pressure, gas supply issues, power cuts, faulty pilot light, frozen pipes, faulty internal components, or many other much more complex issues.

  • How much does a boiler service cost?

    Average prices for boiler servicing in the UK is £80 -£100 much dependent on what part of the country you live in.

  • How long is a boiler warranty?

    Boiler warranties vary between 2 – 12 years dependent on the manufacturer.

  • How long should a boiler last?

    The average life expectancy of a boiler is around 15 years, a boilers lifespan can out last this if it is a good quality boiler and regularly serviced.

  • How much will a new boiler cost?

    New boilers range in price dependent on the size and quality. A new boiler installation can cost anything between £1500 – £3000.

  • When should you get your boiler serviced?

    Every boiler should be serviced every 12 months, and the first service should be conducted 12 months after installation. This will also keep your boiler in warranty.

  • Who should I call to fix my boiler?

    You should always call a Gas Safe Registered engineer. Boiler repairs involve working with gas and only gas safe engineers are legally registered to do this safely. ProTecBoliers are gas safe registered engineers.

  • Get in Touch!

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