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Boiler Efficiency: How To Improve it?

boiler efficiency

Every home relies on a boiler in order to have hot water and heating, this means it is used frequently, allowing us to have regular access to hot water as well as warming our homes in the winter months. Therefore, it is essential that your boiler efficiency is at its absolute best all year round.

When a boiler starts to become inefficient it is quite easy to pick up on as you will notice an increase in your monthly energy bills, and if this happens during the winter month you may notice your radiators not getting as warm as they should, son after your boiler may completely breakdown!

Thankfully, there are a few things that you can do to improve your boilers efficiency and keep it I good working order! Below our team at ProTecBoilers have put together a few helpful tips to help you keep your boiler in tip top condition.

Boiler Efficiency Tips

Annual Boiler Service – A yearly boiler service is an essential part of keeping your boiler in good working order and running as efficiently as possible. You should always call out a Gas Safe Registered engineer to carry out your boiler service. If during the service, the plumber finds any issues they can be quickly repairs in turn saving you 5time and money in the long run.

Clean Boiler – This may seem odd but taking the time to give your boiler a quick dust down can save you a small fortune! By dusting your boiler, you can help prevent pipes and tubs within the boiler becoming blocked. Blocked pipes will certainly have a negative impact on your boilers performance and in turn increase your energy bills. A good Gas Safe Registered engineer will be able to clean the internal components of the boiler for you as part of the annual service. It is important that you don’t attempt to clean the internal parts of a boiler yourself as this could lead to you causing damage and creating problems that could otherwise been avoided.

Bleed Radiators – Bleeding your radiators will improve their heat efficiency. You can check if your radiators need bleeding by turning the heating on and checking how long they take to heat up, as well as feeling the tops of the radiators for any cold spots.

Pressure Regulation – You should keep an eye on the pressure your boiler is displaying, it should be somewhere between 1 and 1.5 if it is running efficiently. A drop or rise in pressure can both impact on the efficiency of your boiler so you should regulate the pressure on your boiler if it rises or falls past the normal range.

Insulate Pipes – Well insulated pipes ready for the winter months will vastly improve your boilers efficiency and save you from frozen and burst pipes! Lagging can be used to insulate pipes, these are foam tubes that can be easily fitted around the pipes.

Turn The Heating On – We often switch the heating off during the summer months as cooling the house down can be hard enough without having the heating blasting out! With this said it is beneficial for your boiler if you do switch the heating on for about 15 minutes at least once a week. This will go a long way towards preventing boiler break downs when it comes to needing it again in the winter months.

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