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Boiler Installations: Why The Summer Months Are The Best


A boiler is a vital piece of equipment for any property as it provides two essential things, heating and hot water. This is why it is so important to have an experienced Gas Safe registered engineer deal with your new boiler installation. Installing a new boiler can be quite a difficult task so calling in a professional is essential. This way you can be sure that your boiler has been installed correctly and it is going to work safely and efficiently.

Why Should You Have Your Boiler Installed During Summer?

There is a lot less demand on your boiler during the summer months, and most people don’t give their boiler a second thought until it breaks down, which more often than not is during the winter months! This is why it pays off the be pro-active with your boiler maintenance, it can save you a lot of time and money in the long run. When it comes to needing a new boiler the best time of year to get it installed is during the summer, and there are quite a few reasons to support this. First, it’s easier to organise a boiler installation during summer because there is less demand for heating engineers. This means you can get your boiler installed more quickly and a summer installation can often be cheaper than installation during the winter months.

Benefits of installing a new boiler in Summer

It has been recommended that the summer months would actually be the best time to buy and install a new boiler. There are some benefits of installing a new boiler during the summer that will show how important it is.

Cheaper Installation – In comparison to winter, installing a new boiler in the summer has many financial advantages. The need for heating engineers significantly increases during the winter months. The installation of the boiler in summer will cost less than in winter because the prices for fuel are lower.

Less Demand For Heating Engineers – As there is less demand for heating engineers in the summer you will find that you don’t have to wait around for your boiler installation and the job will be completed swiftly and effectively. In summer, you have the chance to shop around for the best deal and are more likely to have an appointment that better suits you.

Less Chance Of Breaking Down In The Winter – Your chances of experiencing a breakdown when you most need it will be reduced if you replace or service your boiler in the summer. In the winter, homeowners depend more on their heating systems, and this increased consumption leads to an increase in breakdowns.

Keep Warm During The Winter – You should make sure that your home is always warm during the winter. It’s not ideal to wait for a new boiler to be installed when the outside temperature drops to freezing levels. It is preferable to switch to a new boiler in the summer when your home will be considerably warmer than it is in the winter because a boiler replacement will usually take a few days.

Time To Do Research – Installing a new boiler in the summer allows you time to compare brands and determine the best replacement. By doing your research in advance, you may also find a reputable installer by getting multiple quotations from different experts. And making an informed decision without rushing.

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