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Common Boiler Faults in Wakefield, Leeds and Lofthouse

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Everyone’s worst nightmare is something going wrong with their boiler, boiler faults are never fun, particularly during the winter months, and when something goes wrong it can be tempting to try a bit of DIY to try and resolve the problem yourself such as adjusting the pressure back within normal range. While there are some things that you can do to solve boiler problems as an amateur, you also need to consider that some problems that you think you have solved can re-occur and there could be a much more serious fault that is causing the minor problems in the first place. This is why it is always best to get a Gas Safe Registered engineer to come on look at the boiler for you, this could also save you money on a costly repair in the future.

5 Common Boiler Faults

  1. Low Boiler Pressure – The pressure of your boiler should be around 1.5 in order for it to keep working as it should. If the pressure is too low, then the boiler is not able to push enough water around the system causing it to lock out. Combination and system boilers will often show a fault code when this happens, and you will be able to check the manual to find out what is causing the pressure to drop. You can follow the instructions in the boiler manual to raise the pressure within normal range, however you must bear in mind that doing this wrong could lead to more problems so you may want the help of a Gas Safe Engineer.
  2. High Boiler Pressure – This occurs when there is too much water in the system and is often the result of too much water being put back in the system after a pressure drop. It could also be an indication that there is a leaky pressure relief valve. If you are unsure about following the steps in the boiler manual, then you should call out your local gas safe plumber.
  3. Boiler in Lock Out Mode – This issue can be caused by a wide range of things including the issues mentioned above. Boilers going into lock out mode when there is a serious problem to avoid them becoming more damaged and being totally irreparable or dangerous. This is often solved by turning the boiler of for around ten minutes and then turning it back on. If doing this doesn’t solve the issue, then you should contact your local gas safe engineer to come and diagnose and fix whatever is causing the problem.
  4. Air in the System – This is no good for radiators, boilers and their components. The cause is often a limescale build up from hard water. This is simply resolved by using chemicals to power flush the system. If you don’t know how to do this, then you will need a professional plumber to come out and do it for you.
  5. Hot Water and Heating Not Working – The cause of this will depend on what type of boiler you have. Combination boilers have all the components inside a sealed unit. If you are having problems with your hot water and heating, then you should call out a plumber at you earliest convenience. Conventional boilers have all of their components on the outside so there is a chance that you could fix the problem yourself by following the steps in the boiler manual, however if you are unsure then you should always call out a plumber to fix the issue for you to prevent further damage being caused.

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