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Common Causes Of Boiler Breakdowns


Most boiler breakdowns happen during the winter months as boiler are used much less during the summer months, with this said a boiler can break down at any time of year which it why it is so important to get it serviced annually so no unexpected problems pop up when you least expect it.

Below or team at ProTecBoilers have put together a guide on some of the most common causes for boiler breakdowns so that you can be more prepared should something go wrong with your boiler.

Inaccurate Thermostats – If it seems like your boiler isn’t producing enough heat to sufficiently warm your home then the issue is probably with the thermostat. Thermostats are very sensitive and over time can lose accuracy. A boiler engineer may have to come and recalibrate the thermostat, or alternatively replace it with a newer more energy efficient thermostat.

Frozen Condensation Pipe – Condensing boilers have a condensation pipe fitted to the back which, if not properly insulated can be prone to freezing when the temperatures drop. When this pipe freezes it will cause the boiler to stop working completely, you will need a gas safe engineer to come and defrost the pipe and potentially repair or replace it if it has been damaged from freezing and warming up again.

Piolet Light – Piolet lights are a safety feature designed to shut off the boiler to prevent a build up od gas leading to an explosion. This can be caused by leaking pipes. If you smell gas you should call the emergency gas line on – 0800 111 999 and then contact a gas safe registered engineer to come and fix the damaged pipes.

Loss Of Pressure – Water pipes leaking can cause a loss in pressure and problems with your boiler. A loss of pressure could also indicate it is time for a new pressure release valve. You should check your pipes for any obvious signs of a leak and contact your local gas safe engineer to come and repair the damage for you.

Noises – Boilers should never be making noises so if you start hearing banging and tapping noises it is a sign that something is wrong. Noises coming from the boiler is often caused by air entering the system, but it can also be a sign of a leak so make sure you check the pipes for damage! Then contact your local gas safe registered engineer to come and fix any damage for you.

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