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Your boiler is almost certainly one of the main energy users in your home. Fortunately, we can reduce the energy we use by making a few simple changes. Most boilers are used every day to operate our hot water and the central heating system.  There are a considerable range of boilers on the market today but the most common one is the combi boiler.


Combi boilers

Combi Boilers are designed to heat water directly from the mains to provide instant hot water.  Most people opt for a combi boiler as this will free up space by removing the water storage tank.  The latest modern combi boilers can provide you and your home with substantial energy saving.  By having a combi boiler installed, this will certainly save you money on your water and heating bills.

If you would like to know more about Combi Boilers then please contact Protec Boilers direct.  We can advise you on the best systems available for your particular type of home.


Service Your Boiler

Your boiler is a huge investment that needs looking after.  Much the same as looking after your vehicle which needs servicing once a year.  Your boiler is the same. By doing this you are ensuring your boiler is kept in the best condition, making sure it is running as safely and efficiently as possible.


Upgrade Your Boiler

A boiler would normally last around 15 years. Old boilers are less efficient compared to the new ones that are available and use more energy. Upgrading your old boiler to a new boiler will provide you with considerable energy savings.

Protec Boilers provide a professional heating service covering Leeds, Wakefield, Castleford, Pontefract and Normanton.  We can provide you with advice on upgrading your system to a more cost-effective system for you home.


Check Your Home for Heat Loss


Make Sure Pipes are Insulated

It is not a requirement to insulate your heating pipes.  But if your pipes are in areas of the house that are not heated then they could be subject to cold temperatures. When pipes freeze over, they can burst.  This could end up being a very costly job if this happens.  By insulating your heating pipes, you should be able to turn the water temperature down.  This will save you energy and also be more cost effective.



You should always do random checks on your windows and window seals.  If your windows are aged or damaged in any way, then they could be letting the cold air in. If cold air is leaking in through your windows, then this can make a radiator work harder. Even if your windows are closed but you can still feel a draught coming through them then check the window seals. They may need to be replaced if your windows are old.  You might want to think about investing in new, more energy efficient windows as this will save you money in the future.

Also, if you have blinds and curtains in your home, then use them as closing these will help to stop the heat from seeping through the windows. Obviously purchasing thermal blinds and curtains would be the better option as these are designed specifically to keep the heat within your home.


Reduce the Temperature

One of the top ways to save energy in your home by lowering the temperature on your central heating. Even if you lower your temperature by as little as 1°C, this can help you lower your energy costs.

An ideal temperature in your home should be around 18°C – 21°C which is the best temperature for saving energy.


Check Your Radiators

If you want to improve energy efficiency in your home, then keep your radiators running at a low temperature.  It can take up a lot more energy than necessary to try and heat cold rooms so we would advise that you leave them running on a low temperature, so the heat is constantly there.

If you feel that your radiators are not working quite right, then run your hand over them.  If you can feel cold areas on the radiator then they may need bleeding.  By bleeding your radiators, this will remove any trapped air in the system.

When you bleed the bottom of your radiators and the bottom part of the radiator still feels cold and your radiator becomes a little noisy then this is an indicator that your system may need to be cleaned.  You would need to call out a qualified engineer to do this.


Do Not Block Radiators

If your radiators are blocked by furniture or window hangings then this prevents the radiator from heating the room properly. In turn, this will then make the radiator work harder to try and heat the room to the correct temperature. Again this will be using more energy and costing you more money.


Check Your Pipes and Taps

Leaking or dripping taps and pipes can cost money from wasting water. Dripping taps can also interfere with the efficiency of your hot water system. If you do have dripping taps, then these should be fixed straight away.  Dripping taps can cause a huge amount of water to be wasted costing you money.


Most of the checks above can be done by yourself but once in a while you may need to call out a qualified engineer.  Protec Boilers Engineers are City & Guild qualified and fully insured.  All the work that we do is guaranteed to provide you with peace of mind that we will always be there if you need us.

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