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How to Optimise Your Boilers Performance


During the cooler weather, central heating systems become increasingly crucial in keeping us comfortable and warm. While turning on the heater uses more energy, there are ways to keep the expenditures under control. 

Boilers may be where households use the most gas, but there are some simple actions you can do to ensure your boilers are as efficient as possible. 

For instance, a boiler’s energy efficiency is a proportion of the total energy utilised to generate heating, with any excess energy lost through the flue. For example, a boiler with 94% efficiency wastes only 6% of its energy when not heating your home. This means that only 6p of every £1 invested is wasted. So, the more efficient your boiler is, the less fuel it will require to deliver the same quantity of heat, making it more cost effective. 

Newer boilers are generally more efficient, with condensing boilers losing about 10% less energy than older, non-condensing boilers. After about 10-15 years, it is time to consider upgrading to a newer model. However, don’t be concerned if you have an older boiler; what important is that it runs as effectively as possible. The following suggestions can help you enhance the efficiency of your boiler. 

How can I make my boiler run more efficiently? 

  1. Lower the temperature setting.

If you have a combi boiler, one option to save energy is to lower the boiler flow temperature. This is not the same as adjusting the temperature on your thermostat; rather, the boiler flow temperature is the temperature of the water that leaves the boiler and travels to the radiators. 

Reducing the flow temperature may help the boiler function more efficiently and save energy. Traditional heating systems were intended for a flow temperature of 80°C, although they can be used at lower temperatures. It may take a few tries to discover the best setting for your home, but we recommend lowering the flow temperature to about 60°C. On Ideal boilers, look for the dial with the radiator symbol and turn it down until the value on the screen corresponds to the desired flow temperature. 

  1. Insulate your pipes and cylinders.

Insulation is an easy approach to lower your energy use. You can accomplish this by wrapping foam tubes around your pipes to decrease heat loss and keep the water hotter for longer. Similarly, if you have an old hot water cylinder, you can insulate it for the same purpose. 

 Ask an expert at the point of sale to ensure that any insulation you purchase is safe for that usage. 

  1. Book an annual service.

Not only do cars require maintenance to stay in good working order. Having your boiler serviced once a year can assist to keep it in optimum operational condition and prevent minor malfunctions. Annual checkups will also guarantee that the boiler’s performance is maximised for the most efficient energy consumption. 

 A service must be performed by a Gas Safe Registered engineer . 

  1. Maintain your boiler and consider a system cleaning.

A professional cleaning of your system can assist enhance the performance of your boiler by removing sludge, rust, and debris. To avoid corrosion, flush your system and refill it with clean water and corrosion-preventing chemicals. If you are thinking about replacing your boiler, make sure a system filter is installed as part of the process. 

  1. A summer switch-on

As we are approaching the warmer months, it is worthwhile to consider energy-saving tips that may be implemented all year. For example, in the summer you can turn on your heating for up to 15 minutes every week to decrease the chance of your boiler locking up and causing costly failures after being turned off for months at a time. 

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