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What Time of Year Is Best To Book A Boiler Service?

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Getting your boiler serviced is one of those things that we can quite easily forget to do. However, keeping your boiler in top shape is very important as it can save you from having a frustrating and pretty miserable period without it. If you don’t service, your boiler on at least an annual basis can lead to potentially dangerous problems.

There are also a lot of benefits you can gain from having your boiler regularly serviced by a professional, some of which you may not have considered. However, you may have questions like ‘when is the best time to get a service?’ or ‘how many times a year should I have a service?’ For those that don’t know, it can be a little daunting when it comes to recognising how to best to look after your boiler. Because of this, our team at ProTecBoilers have put together this helpful guide on boiler servicing.

Boilers Need A Minimum of One Service A Year

When it comes to boiler servicing, as a standard, you should be remembering to have your boiler serviced at least once a year. By having an annual boiler service you can be sure that your boiler is comfortably ticking over and that any problems that may have been affecting your system can be addressed and fixed before something more serious goes wrong. A service has the added benefit of keeping your boiler within warranty. Most warranties will be voided if you don’t keep on top of a regular boiler service. There are also legal responsibilities for those that are responsible for properties. Landlords, for example, are legally required to conduct regular boiler servicing in any and all of their tenancies under the Landlord and Tenant Act (1984). By not doing so, you are putting your Landlord Gas Safety Certificate at risk. Whatever the case, making sure your boiler is annually serviced is essential to keeping your home safe, heated and comfortable.

Aside from an annual boiler service, there are other reasons you may need an inspection at other times throughout the year. Moving house is a prime example of when having a boiler service may be necessary. When moving into a new property, you may not know when the last boiler inspection took place so it’s best practice to have a professional come out to service the boiler to find out if there are any problems from the previous owner.

It’s important to make sure not to simply wait until your next service date if problems with your boiler start to occur. If you start to notice anything unusual with your boiler, it’s imperative to seek help from a professional Gas Safe registered engineer.

What is The best time of year for a boiler service?

Understanding that your boiler needs servicing is half the battle when it comes to keeping your heating running at optimum efficiency. We’ve all heard the horror stories of friends and family having their boilers breakdown at the most inopportune and, more often than not, coldest moments, leaving them with a hefty bill from an emergency plumber and a miserable few days without heating or hot water.

Because of this, it is good sense to have your boiler serviced in the warmer months, particularly July, August or early September where a Gas Safe engineer can repair any problems in preparation for the Winter. The main benefit from this is that if you have any issues that require your heating to be switched off, you won’t be stuck in a freezing cold house. It’s also especially useful to have your service around this time as it’s usually a quieter time of the year for plumbers, meaning less waiting times and a cheaper average rate.

Although it’s more convenient to service your boiler in the summer, it is still important to be prepared if a problem occurs during winter. Having a quality emergency heating engineer on hand can keep you covered all year round. Whatever your reasons, making sure to service your boiler in the summer can save you from a lot of stress come wintertime.

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