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What To Consider Before Getting A New Boiler


Before you buy a new boiler, there are a few things that you need to take into consideration, costs, products and finding a reliable installer. For a new boiler installation, you will need a reliable gas safe registered heating engineer that provides a reliable aftercare service and has a proven track record. So how do you know what and who to choose? Below are a few key tips our team at ProTecBoilers have put together.

Reliable Boiler Brands

Do some research on the best boiler brands that come with trusted manufacturer warranties, you can use sites such as Which? and Trustpilot to check reviews and customer feedback as well as looking at customer reviews on Google. Installers want their customers to be satisfied with their work. The busiest know how important honest assessment of the boiler brands can be to their reputation.

Regardless of what happens throughout the year, a broken boiler is the last thing any homeowner needs. Have you ever experienced a freezing shower in a cold bathroom and no hot water to wash up? You want it solved and quickly! Choose a trusted boiler brand, supported by any installers. Brands that have invested in quality parts, and reliable products, offer warranties for boiler servicing.

New Boiler Options

A reliable installer will assess your property as well as your current boiler and heating system this allows them to establish which new boilers will be suitable for your heating and DHW (Domestic Hot Water) demands. For example, in a small flat, a combination boiler is likely to be the best option. To provide heating and hot water for a flat usually requires a compact space-saving heating system, without a large cylinder of hot water. Hot water on demand saves money with low usage. Compact, combi boilers fit in most smaller spaces.

Your installer will also take into consideration your preferences; however, it is important to listen to your installers advice as they know which type of boiler will suit your property and needs best.

Warranty and Aftercare Services

Warranty and aftercare services are important when it comes to boilers. Just like with any technology, there may occasionally be faults that need fixing or replacement parts. Manufacturers offer parts and labour warranties with new boilers. They also provide contact numbers to call. The terms of your warranty will include annual boiler servicing, which you will need to pay for to meet the warranty conditions and avoid it becoming void.

It is always a good decision to choose and experienced installer when it come to replacing your boiler. This will help guarantee the boiler you choose will be correctly installed.

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